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Preview: Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard by Andsoforth

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Singapore’s first and only immersive theatre company is back this holiday season to put a bridge right between you and the gods – the Norse gods that is. While not as commonly known as say, the gods of Greek mythology, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor franchise, film buffs and comic book geeks will at least know of the mighty thunder god, his trickster brother Loki and their all-father, the one-eyed Odin.

Now, Andsoforth is applying these ancient Norse myths to their latest immersive dining experience in the form of Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard. Held at a secret location in Singapore, the multi-room immersive theatre experience signature to the company promises to be bigger and better than ever.

For the unfamiliar, Asgard refers to the realm of the gods, with Valhalla being the paradise where fallen Viking warriors go to and are rewarded with after being slain in battle. Audience members then take on the roles of these brave souls (and are of course, encouraged to dress accordingly too) as they wander these lands and meet one god after another, from the ‘Valfather’ Odin, to trickster god Loki, to the legendary Valkyrie war-maidens, amongst others.

A total of seven rooms await, where audience members will have to complete various tasks to prove themselves worthy of entry to the sacred Valhalla, with challenges ranging from singing Viking folk songs to concocting a lethal potion by grinding up ancient herbs. As all warriors get hungry, Andsoforth will also ensure audience members are well-fed throughout the night, with a five-course Scandinavian-inspired menu comprising dishes such as a goat stew with Nordic Volcano Bread.

And of course, every Viking and Shield-Maiden needs their mead, and at the rainbow-hued Bifrost Bar, be welcomed with a delicious, specially-concocted cocktail, where you can chill out and order off the menu of inspired alcoholic creations to get you in the right mood for the night. Now, prepare your soul and your body for an eternity of pleasure, and come witness the return of the Norse Gods, only at Andsoforth’s Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard! 

Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard runs from 21st November 2019 at a secret location. For more information and tickets, visit their website here

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