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In London’s (Off) West End 2020: N89 at Matchstick Piehouse (Preview)

Image credit: Benjamin Wainwright, @benyaminwainwright

LONDON – Matchstick’s 2020 begins with a bang, with a staging of brand-new hilarious and heart-warming comedy N89.  Marking their third collaboration with writer-director team, Mark Daniels and Edwina Strobl, N89 encapsulates Matchstick’s ethos of making challenging and entertaining theatre that appeals to both local and wider audiences.

Saturday morning. 1am. Trafalgar Square. Kim stumbles onto the N89 and falls asleep on a stranger’s shoulder. That shoulder belongs to Daniel. This chance meeting is the start of something special. As the bus hurtles through Southwark, Elephant, Deptford and Lewisham, a series of interactions with other passengers help Kim and Daniel learn a lot about each other, and, as they both come out of their shells way more than they usually would with a stranger, they even learn some new things about themselves.

Starring Grace Boyle, Ocean Harris, Natasha Vasandandi, Aaron Peters, Aneirin George and Bradley Carpenter, expect all the fun of a London night bus with fried chicken, drunken club-goers and that guy yelling loudly into his phone – it’s laughs, gasps and tears galore in this semi-immersive comedy set on the N89. Come along for the ride.

N89 plays from 9th March to 11th April 2020 at Matchstick Piehouse Theatre, Arches 213 & 214, Edward St, SE8 5HD. Tickets available here

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