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In London’s (Off) West End 2020: JEW…ish at the King’s Head Theatre (Preview)


LONDON – Returning to King’s Head Theatre by popular demand, JEW…ish is a romcom revolving around the tempestuous and obstacle-ridden relationship of Max, who is Jewish, and TJ, who isn’t.

Continuing their situationship is not as easy as when they were part of the university’s Polyamory Society, alongside two millennia of inherited trauma on top of two decades of millennial stereotypes, maybe there’s too much of a cultural divide?

Even couples counselling does not seem to help untangle them from this complex co-dependency. But they do really love each other (occasionally). As they struggle with their careers in the arts, with Max’s overbearing family, and with each other, the two ‘frenemies’ try to navigate their differences and unwillingly make a go of it.

JEW…ish is the millennial romcom that no one asked for, striking a resounding chord with audiences and posing the one question that should never be answered: is it ever ok to get back with your ex?

JEW…ish is co-written by Saul Boyer and Poppy Damon and co-directed by Kennedy Bloomer and Toby Hampton, and stars Edie Newman as TJ, and Saul Boyer as Max. Co-writer Poppy Damon said: “Saul and I started writing together because we make each other laugh. Part autobiography about Saul’s experience growing up Left wing and Jewish. Part autobiography about me being a hippy wannabe artist. It’s an exaggerated reflection of the best and worst of ourselves and our friends – the truth is it’s not that exaggerated. This is a rom-com inspired by every shit relationship we’ve ever had.”

JEW…ish plays from 14th April to 2nd May 2020 at the King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper St, The Angel, London N1 1QN. Tickets available here



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