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Hong Kong 2020: HKIFF44 to showcase the latest of world cinema


HONG KONG – The 44th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF44) is proud to present a dazzling selection of new works from celebrated filmmakers around the world.

Initially scheduled for March, HKIFF44 will now take place from 18th to 31st August for 14 days.  Films already confirmed for this year’s Masters and Auteurs section will include some of the latest and most diversed and original works from all over the world.

Loneliness, the driving force of creativity, is elegantly distilled into achingly beautiful poetry in Roy Andersson’s About Endlessness, for which the venerable Swedish master won Best Director at the 76th Venice Film Festival.  As in Berlinale accredited Days, Tsai Ming-Liang’s empathetic camera gently caressed life’s boredom, pain and fragility in poignant contemplation.

Profound desolation is also captured in Pedro Costa’s Golden Leopard-winning Vitalina Varela, in which the eponymous actress takes a painful journey through memories of her estranged husband and wounds of the colonial past.  In The Cordillera of Dreams, Patricio Guzman continues his heartrending exploration into Chile’s troubled history via the testimony of the majestic mountain.  Contemporary Palestinian society finds its apparition in Paris and New York, as we discover mirroring absurdity through Elia Suleiman’s delicate mosaic of observations in It Must Be Heaven.

From traditional heroines to modern women, the feminine spirit never fails to inspire great filmmakers.  In Ema, Pablo Larrain offers a visually expressionistic hymn to female liberation in an intense drama about a free-spirited dancer.  Under very different circumstances, Pema Tseden’s Balloon shows how the clash between spiritual beliefs and pragmatism can impact Tibetan women.  Through the eyes of a hilariously insolent girl, Mohsen Makhmalbaf shatters the illusion of love, religion and human dignity in his Italian production Marghe and Her Mother.

Masters and Auteurs’ line-up will also include works from other acclaimed directors, including Bruno Dumont, Cristi Puiu, Costa-Gavras, Lav Diaz, Brillante Mendoza, Hara Kazuo and Chang Tso-Chi.

Selected highlights from HKIFF44’s Masters and Auteurs section are:

  1. About Endlessness (2019) by Roy ANDERSSON
  2. Balloon (2019) by Pema TSEDEN
  3. Days (2020) by TSAI Ming-Liang
  4. Ema (2019) by Pablo LARRAÍN
  5. It Must Be Heaven (2019) by Elia SULEIMAN
  6. Marghe and Her Mother (2019) by Mohsen MAKHMALBAF
  7. The Cordillera of Dreams (2019) by Patricio GUZMÁN
  8. Vitalina Varela (2019) by Pedro COSTA

HKIFFS will announce the full HKIFF44 line-up on 28th July 2020, and run from 18th to 31st August 2020. Tickets will go on sale at all URBTIX outlets and online through from 5th August 2020.






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