Art What! Arts Dance with Me Hong Kong Preview

Arts of Hong Kong 2020: Project NEXT Wave by City Contemporary Dance Company (Preview)

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HONG KONG – Following the premiere of A Lover’s Concerto, Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) continues their Digital Dance Season 2020 with Project NEXT Wave this October. Featuring original productions by young, emerging choreographers, CCDC gathers company dancers Felix Ke and Christy Poinsettia Ma, and HK promising independent artist KT Yau to collaborate on choreographic ideas exploring the topics of presence, life and value.

While still under the pandemic restrictions, CCDC has managed to make an exception for Project NEXT Wave, allowing audiences to enjoy the performance live at Ko Shan Theatre from 2nd to 4th October, with all the requisite health and safety measures in place. Alternatively, should audiences prefer to remain cautious, they may enjoy the performance from the comfort of home, with a digital version directed by HK dance film director Rita Hui streamed online.

A total of three works will be presented as part of Project NEXT Wave, starting with ONGOING choreographed by Felix Ke. In Ke’s work, he imagines the decline of civilization, with the human race falling back into a culture of barbarism, and wonders how we continue to keep the faith and carry on. Collecting observations of society, Ke projects his feelings and imagination onto this work, hoping to create an opportunity for audiences to reflect on such questions and issues today.

In Feast, choreographer Christy Poinsettia Ma reflects on the common saying “you are what you eat”. She considers how food reflects the values and views of a person or society, and uses it as a way to present her insights into this world to show the absurdity of internal and external discord and self-deception. Thinking about how humans continue to voraciously grab natural resources, believing that their civilization is superior, we come to realise that our behaviour may appear sophisticated today, but in fact, is far more similar to that of cavemen than we dare believe.

Finally, in noBODY, KT Yau wonders about ideas of performance, and who audience members remember once the curtains close. How much of each performer’s “self” can you see up there on the stage? Yau uses this opportunity to conduct a “reduction” experiment, and in a cramped environment, the performers make use of their limited resources to create new meanings.

Playing for three nights only, don’t miss this chance to catch raw talent in action, and witness fresh new ideas from some of Hong Kong’s most exciting dance creators with CCDC’s Project NEXT Wave. 

Project NEXT Wave streams online on 2nd October 2020 and is available for viewing until 4th October 2020. It will also be staged live at Ko Shan Theatre from 2nd to 4th October 2020. Tickets are available on Popticket and SISTIC. More information available on CCDC’s website here

CCDC will also be presenting A Lover’s Concerto Episode 2 on 18th October 2020 and REAL Showcase Series – Solara & Luna on 30th October 2020 as part of their Digital Dance Season. Find out more about CCDC’s Digital Dance Season here

For news and updates, join CCDC’s Telegram Channel CCDC的小日子 ️(@lifeinCCDC)

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