What exactly makes a good girl? Is she religious and knows her prayers by heart? Can she ever let go and take a walk on the wild side and still be good? And above all – can good girls ever call the shots?

All these questions and more just might be answered in Checkpoint Theatre’s newest production this April. Directed by Huzir Sulaiman, Checkpoint will be premiering an electrifying new collaboration between performance-poet Pooja Nansi and playwright Jessica Bellamy with Thick Beats For Good Girls. 


Written and performed by Pooja and Jessica, Thick Beats asks the big questions about how it is that women manage to maintain the delicate balance between their gender, their ethnic and religious minorities, and God forbid – their enthusiasm for hip-hop. A unique, unexpected, coming of age story, Thick Beats explores love and identity while rapping to lyrics parents would balk at, recalling the rush of entering a club and feeling those bass beats course through your very bones.

Both known for their bold, distinctive voices in their poetry and performances, Pooja and Jessica are set to ignite the fires of passion onstage as they present original poems, rhymes and musings on life. Simultaneously joyous and powerful, Thick Beats for Good Girls reclaims femininity in all its facets and contradictions, and delves deep into the intersections between race, culture and gender, while of course, weaving in the magic of hip hop.

Thick Beats For Good Girls plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 5th – 22nd April 2018. Tickets available from SISTIC

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