In the not so distant future, storms will rage and civilisation itself will be sent into disarray. As the world begins to collapse, one man finds himself at a crossroads, his once happy family torn asunder with a single death, plummeting him into a spiral of one tragedy after another…

Following its premiere run at the 2017 Singapore International Festival of the Arts, Pangdemonium is bringing back their critically and commercially acclaimed production Dragonflies. An original work by Stephanie Street, Dragonflies went on to receive multiple nominations at the 2018 Life! Theatre Awards, and has bagged the biggest awards of all – Best Script and Production of the Year.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.16.26 PM

In a production rife with gorgeous visuals and equipped with an affecting storyline, Dragonflies is set in 2021 and follows Leslie Chen as he is deported back to Singapore from the UK following the passing of his wife. Happening at a time where the world is thrust into political turmoil, Leslie, with teenage daughter in tow, must quickly make sense of the country he left behind years before, which has changed beyond recognition.

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Directed by Tracie Pang and starring returning actors Adrian Pang, Tan Kheng Hua, Fanny Kee and Frances Lee, as well as new cast members Benjamin Chow, Elizabeth Morse, Matt Grey, Jamil Schulze and Shona Benson, Dragonflies is a fiercely relevant play in today’s chaotic times. But like how its eponymous insects travel halfway around the world in search of better prospects, Dragonflies promises to leave you with the assurance that hope awaits everyone who rides it out till the end of these tumultuous waves.

Dragonflies plays at Victoria Theatre from 18th May – 3rd June. Tickets available from SISTIC

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