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SIFA 2018: A Dream Under The Southern Bough – The Beginning by Toy Factory (Preview)


Toy Factory is having a busy year, with back to back productions in the form of Sometime Moon and Masters of Comedy in May. In between though, they’ve managed to produce an all new contemporary work for SIFA 2018, in the form of the ambitious A Dream Under The Southern Bough.

Directed by Toy Factory artistic director Goh Boon Teck, the play is a modern, contemporary adaptation of the 16th century epic Kun Opera《南柯记》by Ming Dynasty playwright Tang Xian Zu.  A Dream Under The Southern Bough – The Beginning takes the first five chapters of the original opera and follows the life of disgracefully discharged naval officer Chun Yu Fen’s as he enters an intoxicated, mystical dreamland into the mighty Ant Kingdom as he falls asleep under an old sophora tree.

Running at only an hour long, this is by no means a complete adaptation of the epic masterpiece, as it is quite literally just The Beginning, with plans to adapt a further two more parts titled Reverie and Existence, making up a complete trilogy to be presented at some point over the next couple of years. Slated to be a beguiling, lyrical prelude of a surreal, epic dream realm, audiences will be kept constantly questioning the concept of time and reality itself, and if anything, are encouraged not to awaken, but to keep dreaming on.

A Dream Under The Southern Bough plays at the SOTA Studio Theatre from 30th April – 1 May. Tickets available here

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