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Preview: The Consultant by Wag the Dog Theatre


After their 2017 production of Shelagh Stephenson’s family drama The Memory of Water, Wag the Dog returns in 2018 with their sophomore production, this time with Heidi Schreck’s corporate drama The Consultant.

Set in a cutthroat office environment, colleagues at a small New York pharmaceutical advertising agency continue to draw their paychecks as the company grows smaller and smaller, no thanks to the 2008 economic collapse. As the firm falls on hard times, its employees are put to the test as they undergo immense pressure, and the time comes where they’ll have to prove their worth…or face the chopping block!

As the number of layoffs increase, a young consultant is brought in to save one adman’s job. As the world goes askew, things and logic itself begin to fall apart, with everyone running helter-skelter and looking for advice in the strangest of places. Starring members of the Wag the Dog ensemble consisting of Deborah Hoon, Sean Worrall, Mark Seow, Krissy Jesudason and Susie Penrice-Tyler, Heidi Schreck’s hilarious play on workplace politics casts a spotlight on how we continue to live and interact with each other even when all hell has broken loose.

The Consultant plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 17th – 27th May. Tickets available from SISTIC

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