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Besides the announcement of the second part of their theatrical trilogy at SIFA 2019, Toy Factory will be opening their 2019 season with their all new production The Transition Room. Making the bold transition from experimental to mainstage, The Transition Room originated as a dramatized reading held at Toy Factory’s space at NOWplaying@17, and will receive a full theatrical adaptation next February at the Drama Centre Black Box.

Directed and written by Toy Factory’s Associate Artistic Director, Stanley Seah, The Transition Room explores the identity of the self, dealing with fundamental questions about life through one man as he ventures through mysterious rooms, each occupied  by strange figures. Audiences will be led on a journey through these rooms with the protagonist as he searches for his answers to existentialism itself, seen through the lens of the almost absurd concept of waiting and the bold theatrical concept of blurring the boundaries between audience and actor.

Says Stanley: “Original stories written and performed by Singaporeans add to the repertoire of our unique voice, and is much quicker in accessing the empathic and creative bone of a young adult because they can identify with it immediately.”

The Transition Room stars a cast comprising Christer Jon Aplin, Marc Valentine Chia, Kaykay Nizam, Tan Hui Er, Victoria Chen and Jazmine Monaz. A play that toys with one’s emotions and puts one’s patience to the test, one is assured to walk away from this production left wondering: if the meaning of life is that it has no meaning, then what is the meaning of anything?

The Transition Room plays from 21st February to 2nd March at the Drama Centre Black Box. Tickets available from Eventbrite


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