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Preview: La Cage aux Folles by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (Hong Kong)

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HONG KONG – Six-time Tony-winning Broadway musical La Cage aux Folles has graced countless stages around the world, not to mention garnered a triple Oscar-nominated film and multiple localized adaptations in Singapore from acclaimed local company W!ld Rice. Now, Hong Kong is ready to welcome new audience members into the hottest club of all, as the spectacular drag star Zaza and her Cagelles offer up titillating entertainment at the La Cage aux Folles Club!

With a script adapted by acclaimed playwright Harvey Fierstein, with music and original lyrics by Jerry Herman, this new version of La Cage aux Folles will be directed by artistic director Anthony Chan with new Cantonese lyrics translated by Chris Shum. La Cage aux Folles follows the story of Albin (guest artist Pichead Amornsomboon), leading a double life as Zaza, drag superstar of La Cage aux Folles. Living in bliss with his partner Georges (Ko Hon Man), their otherwise ordinary life is shaken up when their son Jean (Jordan Cheng) invites his fiancée and her conservative parents over for dinner. Can Albin and Georges hide Zaza from their prospective in-laws, or will the feathers fly as the truth comes out?

Says translator and director Anthony Chan: “La Cage aux Folles is richly entertaining, filled with comedic moments. In this show are fantastic songs and dances. The script posits that true love transcends sex and blood ties, prompting us to ponder prejudices today against same-sex marriage, cross-dressing and the self-identity of homosexuals.”

Look out for songs that are now musical theatre standards such as ‘I Am What I Am’ and ‘Best of Times’, with plenty of laughs and love to keep audiences entertained and emotional throughout the show. As part of the production’s extension activities, the HKRep will also host a talk by Chris Shum, veteran Cantonese lyric translator who also contributes to this production of La Cage on 19th January 2019. Don’t miss your chance to catch this drag musical spectacular to remind us all of the power of family and true love’s triumph in the face of prejudice.

La Cage aux Folles plays from 19th – 27th January 2019 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre. For tickets, visit their website here


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