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Preview: This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls by Pangdemonium

Sex. Violence. Blurred lines.

After a strong start to their 2019 season with Late Company, for their second production of the year, Singapore’s favourite ‘ass-kicking’ theatre company is set for the world premiere of a brand new play – This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls.

A completely original work inspired by the ongoing  #MeToo movement, This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls was written by Ken Kwek (writer of films The Blue Mansion, and Unlucky Plaza, also director) after interviews with over a hundred women and men detailing their experiences of sexual trauma and survival. Stories you will hear include
an undergrad and a lecturer begin a precarious flirtation, two workmates who remember the same date rather differently, a long lost bogeyman returns to draw new blood from old scars, as eight lives come tangled up in a web of pain, shame and heartbreak.

Filled with issues often decried as too taboo to discuss in public, This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls aims to bring these shadowy tales into the light, as the world as we know it begins to collapse and reshape itself with the tidal waves of sexual assault allegations brought against powerful and influential men gained traction, and voices of the abused are found again, as survivors and warriors. Says Kwek: “This play is partly a journey of my own reckoning with the #metoo movement. I see this as being as much a men’s issue – if not more so – as it a women’s issue.”

This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls will be directed by Tracie Pang, and features a cast comprising Oon Shu An, Pam Oei, Serene Chen, Thomas Pang, Adrian Pang, Jamil Schulze, Paul Courtenay Hyu, and newcomer Tess Pang. Come catch this collection of tales set to provoke and question, with the concept of the truth turned over and over again, each story demanding to be told. These are men and women who have been left behind in the move towards equality, finding empowerment in speaking their truth, and set to challenge audiences to question everything they know, and debunk the myth that “this is what happens to pretty girls” in this timely and poignant theatrical event.

This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls plays from 10th to 26th May 2019 at the Drama Centre Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC 

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