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Preview: Chonteng by Teater Ekamatra


Presented as part of their Artist Residency Programme, this April, Teater Ekamatra presents Rizman Putra’s Chonteng. Translating to ‘doodle’ in English, the installation takes the form of drawings exploring ideas of line and mark making based loosely on the method of automatic drawing, documenting the stream of iconography and creatures from the consciousness of the artist.

First explored in previous exhibitions Labyrinth of Things I and II, which were presented at Coda Culture and Cake Theatre’s Running with Strippers, respectively. The alternative drawing projects explored the transformation of gesture and forms of various stimuli, materialising as abstracted forms, and investigating anthropomorphic figures.

For this third and final presentation of the trilogy, Teater Ekamatra will house the exhibition at Greymatter, transforming their space into an immersive, extra-dimensional world offering a meditative experience, like how one would encounter a cave with drawings of a Neanderthal. Be sure to come down on opening night on 26th April, where Farizi NoorfauziDJ Itch and the artist himself, Rizman Putra, will be doing live performances as inspired by the exhibition.

Chonteng plays at Greymatter, 28 Aliwal Street #02-10 S199918 from 23rd to 28th April 2019. Entry is by donation, for more information, visit their website here

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