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Music Is: Yeo Drops New Single ‘By Myself’ Ft. Charlie Lim

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Melbourne-based musician and producer Yeo had dropped his brand new single ‘By Myself’, in collaboration with Singapore’s Charlie Lim. Written and produced by Yeo and featuring Charlie Lim, ‘By Myself’ is an R&B-tinged duet with mellow bass-driven tones and a gentle bouncing rhythm. Lyrically, the single sets a warm scene for two characters reaching out to each other after finding themselves in a dark place.

Says Yeo: “‘By Myself’ is about striving to be a better person. I’ve made big mistakes and learnt some big lessons. Now I’m doing my best to stop judging people so quickly and show them empathy instead.”

Opening with verses set to autotune, there’s a very strong echo of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy from the beginning of the track. But breaking past the autotune, he begins to ache with pain and a flash of regret in each word, reminding himself that “there are bigger walls that we need to climb”. There’s a beautiful, distinct contrast between both vocalists’ voices, and as Charlie Lim comes in, singing “I’ve never had the luxury of keeping the same company”, we feel almost a sense of relief as they find each other and come together on the chorus. It’s a track that pays strong homage to the artists’ real life friendship, and certainly, a catchy track we could all use to remember that we’re never in this struggle alone.

Yeo and Charlie Lim first met years ago in Melbourne when Charlie joined Yeo’s band. After discovering a mutual love for D’Angelo and pushing boundaries, a strong friendship was forged, though Charlie would soon move back to Singapore to pursue his solo career. After almost a decade, the pair reconnected to co-produce Charlie’s latest and most adventurous album CHECK-HOOK. This reignited the great chemistry between them, and ‘By Myself’ was conceived. Yeo and Charlie shared the stage once again at Mosaic Music Festival with Charlie performing guest vocals during Yeo’s set and the pair recently debuted their duo live show this year at Music For A Cause at OCBC Arena Park, Singapore.

Says Charlie Lim: “Yeo is a dear friend and we go way back. I’ve always considered Yeo as one of the best songwriters and producers to come out of Australia, and for me to get to sing on his new single is a real treat.”

‘By Myself’ is the third single from Yeo’s forthcoming album Recovery Channel. The album highlights Yeo’s genre-bending production as he continues to push the dimensions of contemporary R&B, pop and electronic music and will include the new single alongside ‘The Comments’ and ‘Restless’. The album is set for release later this year, and thematically, covers Yeo’s experience as a person of colour in Australia struggling to find confidence, a place to belong, and proof of his own humanity. The record explores themes of conflict, love, and the rarity of hope.

Listen to By Myself on Spotify here. Yeo’s full-length album Recovery Channel is set for release later this year.

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