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In London’s (Off) West End 2019: Luigi Jannuzzi’s A Bench at the Edge by Off The Cliff (Preview)


LONDON – Critically Acclaimed Off-Broadway Hit, A Bench at the Edge, comes to the Tristan Bates Theatre at The Actors Centre in a new production by Off The Cliff Theatre Company. Written by Luigi Jannuzzi, the multi-award-winning Off-Broadway hit runs from 26th to 30th November.

A thought-provoking dark comedy that addresses mental health issues, suicidal thoughts and the fragility of the human condition, A Bench at the Edge takes on the style of Theatre of the Absurd, as two strangers meet on a bench at the edge of an abyss and contemplate their chosen paths. Is there life beyond the void? What is drawing them closer and closer to the edge? Will they take the ‘heroic dive’?

Offering empathy for the human condition and celebrating life through the loss of it, our characters are simply Number One and Number Two. Living on the edge between life and death, Number One has witnessed many people crossing the lifeline and throwing themselves into the abyss. Some of them make an impulsive decision to jump, without considering alternative options or other people’s feelings. Unlike them, Number Two is thinking about the consequences of her intended suicide and analyses the pros and cons of life and death. The surreal encounter of the two characters is filled with humour, mutual understanding and contemplation about the real value of life.

A Bench at the Edge is produced and directed by Kasia Różycki, and stars Meg Lake (Something for the Men, ScapegoatMetamorphoses 1 and 2, Superior) and Harriet Main (Edgar Allan Poe Double BillMetamorphoses 2). Says Kasia: “Even though the play was written in the early ’80s, the main themes (mental health issues and suicidal tendencies) seem now more relevant than ever! The prolonged uncertainty around Brexit and continued austerity are reportedly causing psychological and emotional damage to many people. They can often lose their sense of belonging and feel insecure in both their personal and professional lives. Although, in general, mental health is becoming less of a taboo subject, there is a long way to go, especially with insufficient funding and lack of adequate support to effectively care for those in need. With A Bench at the Edge, we are hoping not only to raise awareness about the sheer scale of the problem, but also to provide hope — the conclusion which the two characters reach is life affirming.”

A Bench at the Edge plays from 26th to 30th November 2019 at the Tristan Bates Theatre, 1A Tower St, London WC2H 9NP. For tickets, visit their website here


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