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Arts of the UK 2020: Stampin’ in the Graveyard at the Electric Dreams Festival

Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 1.04.14 PM
Artwork by Alexis Price

LONDON – “If you trace the back of your skull, you will find a door. Open it, and cross over. I will meet you there. You will see me, the lone horse stamping in the graveyard.”

The world has ended, and the only thing left standing is a microphone in the last theatre on earth. The speakers are playing a requiem to the things we have destroyed as a human race, and a hopeful challenge to everyone about our legacy to those who come after us.

Part beat poetry and part radio play, this collaboration between Indonesian theatremaker Elisabeth Gunawan and Brighton-based musician Jake Parris aims to disconnect the audience from a hyperstimulated digital world. The unique experience will invite the audience to lie down on the floor and to interact with the world of the last theatre on earth through their imagination and their five senses. Afterwards, the audience will be invited to draw or write about the journey they went on, and to share this on Instagram with the tag #StampinInTheGraveyard.

The audio journey is enhanced by AR startup Octavia, and is a global-first glimpse into an immersive webXR audio platform that uses head-tracking webcam technology to provide a spatial dimension to the sound. This means that by moving their head around, users can interact with the music and soundscapes differently.

Stampin’ in the Graveyard will premiere at the online Electric Dreams Festival, which aims to connect people through the power of art and the internet. It runs from 5th to 8th August at 11am and 7pm BST, with tickets available online here 


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