Review: You Can Tutu dir. James Brown

It’s always encouraging to come across films that encourage kids to pursue their dreams, to make the odd feel included. You Can Tutu is one of those films, a simple, family-friendly […]

Preview: The Wright Stuff by Toy Factory

We’re always excited when theatre companies pave the way for new writing in Singapore, encouraging young playwrights to make their debut and set themselves up for greatness. That’s why we […]

Review: Hounds of Love dir. Ben Young

Perth-born director Ben Young introduces a touch of evil into suburban Australia in his debut feature Hounds of Love. Set in suburban Perth circa the mid 1980s, Hounds of Love depicts the horrifying events […]

Preview: RWS Street Eats 2017

This August, join Resorts World Sentosa as they launch the inaugural RWS Street Eats! Celebrating the rich heritage of the Souteast Asian street food culture, you can taste the very […]

Running with Strippers 2017: Thou Shall Not by Cake

Fresh from their production of Being Haresh Sharma, Cake brings back the strange, cult affair that is Running with Strippers. Last seen in 2015 as part of their 10th Anniversary celebrations, Running with Strippers presents Cake […]

Review: Scribe dir. Thomas Kruithof

There’s always a place in cinema for a spy thriller. But French director Thomas Kruithof’s debut feature is no Jason Bourne film. At its forefront is the middle aged Duval […]