An Enemy of the People is perhaps one of Henrik Ibsen’s most recognizable plays, following the tale of Dr Stockmann, a man who discovers that the drinking water in his spa town has been contaminated by industrial waste. A classic story of one against the mob, Stockmann finds himself under fire for attempting to reveal the inconvenient truth, and put the town’s  and the persecution he faces when his exposé becomes inconvenient to the tourism the town depends on.


In Schaubühne Berlin’s version of the play, watch as director Thomas Ostermeier presents his take on the modern classic, as audiences bear witness to a rock band rehearsal, hipster costumes, a hint of David Bowie and a climax where you yourself will becomes heavily involved in a rowdy debate. Six years on from its original premiere in Avignon, the critically acclaimed production continues to stun audienoces worldwide with its cinematic presentation, and its central message of getting at the truth no matter the cost continue to ring true, more than ever before in a world riddled with fake news and no one to trust.

Photo Credit: Arno Declair

An Enemy of the People plays at the Esplanade Theatre on 11th and 12th May. Tickets available here

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