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Preview: Souvenir – A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins by Sing’theatre


Meryl Streep may have popularised the story in a 2016 film, but this year, watch the story of infamous tone deaf opera singer Florence Foster Jenkins come to life onstage with Sing’theatre’s production of Souvenir!

In this hilarious and heartwarming tale, watch as Singapore’s Hossan Leong takes on the role of Cosme McMoon, Florence’s accompanist on piano who lovingly tells the tale of her rise to fame 20 years after her death. Playing Florence will be British thespian Leigh McDonald, and in this play, is portrayed as a woman so full of verve, so full of life that in spite of her singing, she captures the heart of McMoon and an entire Carnegie Hall full of audience members with her drive and zeal to pursue her passion as the wealthy heiress delves into the world of opera.

Souvenir! will be directed by award- winning Singaporean director Samantha Scott-Blackhall, and this two-hander play with music is sure to lift your heart with one women’s unstoppable dream and finding the true meaning of ‘talent’ – to have the desire to do something, and follow through with it. Whether or not she was aware of her singing incapabilities, Florence Foster Jenkins found adoring fans and friends who would would cheer loudly to drown out the laughs, and bar critics from entering these private, self-produced shows. It is the pure love of opera where Jenkins derives her joy from, and in Souvenir!, you too will discover the healing power of music and passion combined.

Souvenir plays at the KC Arts Centre from 19th – 29th September. Tickets available from SISTIC

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