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Preview: The Mem’s Servants by Project Plait and Artistry

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Project Plait’s A Samsui Love Affairwhich played last year as part of the Singapore Food Festival, impressed us with its elegant mix of dance and delicious food. This year, they’re back again with a brand new site-specific project, this time collaborating with Artistry to present The Mem’s Servants.

Set in 1921, The Mem’s Servants takes place as the British Empire is being built at full steam. House 18 Temenggong Road, a typical black-&-white house, was built to house a British serviceman and his family. Plumbing, gas stoves and electricity are not yet available in the house, and housekeeping is an arduous affair, and having servants in the home is absolutely vital to the comfort and prestige expected of the ‘atas’ European community. Through the performance, Project Plait then unearths the untold stories of the servants, with the cookie (cook) and the amah (nanny), whose lives play out in close proximities to their European masters (known to the servants as Tuan & Mem, short for memsahib). Yet, their paths couldn’t be more different.

Playing at the iconic Temenggong 18/20, a restored, historical bungalow at the foot of Mount Faber, not only will guests get to enjoy a contemporary dance performance by choreographer Naomi Tan, they will also experience the story through a 5-dish modern Singaporean menu by Chef Nixon Low in this one of a kind food meets dance show. Immerse yourself completely in the history of this gorgeous building as you walk through and dine in each of the four interconnected rooms, and be part of this special journey when you travel back to a lost time and indulge completely in this sensory, interactive experience.

The Mem’s Servants runs from 24th to 27th July 2019 at 18 Temenggong Road, Singapore 098771. Tickets available from Klook. For more information, visit Project Plait’s website or Facebook


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