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In London’s (Off) West End 2019: Winners of the Bread & Roses Playwriting Award 2018/2019 Announced

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LONDON – The Bread & Roses Theatre has announced the three winners of the Bread & Roses Playwriting Award 2018/2019, namely: Hungerland by Rachel O’Regan, I and the Village by D Donohue, and Who You Are and What You Do by Hugh Dichmont. All three plays will receive a professional production and publication throughout 2019/2020.

Grown out of the Bread & Roses Playwriting Competition, the biennial award was launched in 2016, with the current round opening for submissions in 2018 and calling for full length theatre plays that feature at least half of female, non-binary or gender-neutral roles by Europe based writers. Over 400 submissions were judged anonymously throughout three readings rounds. 

Rachel O’Reagan’s Hungerland will be directed by Rebecca Pryle and Velenzia Spearpoint, running from 29th October to 9th November 2019. The play follows Nicole as she makes Christmas dinner. Her twin sister Alice is coming to stay, but she doesn’t like gravy or potatoes or turkey. In fact, she struggles to eat almost anything. When Alice turns up on Nicole’s doorstep on Christmas Day, she threatens to expose her secrets and unravel her carefully constructed new life. Nicole tries to get Alice to leave before Mike can meet her, but Alice wants a relationship – and her half of their shared inheritance.

D Donohue’s I and the Village will run from 21st April to 2nd May 2020, following three African women living in the Direct Provision System, the system asylum seekers must enter while awaiting a decision on their applications in Ireland. Keicha and Jeta have shared a room together for years, their memories and fantasies merging into one story of longing and survival. When eighteen-year-old Hannah arrives, she finds herself swept up in their reality and must fight to maintain her sense of identity.

Finally, Hugh Dichmont’sWho You Are and What You Do will run from 27th October to 7th November 2020, with five narratives exploring the various ways we seek happiness.

The Bread & Roses Theatre would like to thank their numerous readers for their dedication and feedback, as well as all the writers who submitted their work.

Says Bread & Roses Theatre Executive Director Tessa Hart: “We are once again really impressed with the standard and breadth of work submitted. This has been our second time running the award and has fallen into an unexpectedly busy time for us. In-between the call-out for submissions and the announcement of the winners, we have changed Artistic Director and opened a second location, so it’s been a time full of changes and growth. But now with The Bread & Roses Theatre’s fifth anniversary on the horizon, we’re excited to be presenting one of the winning plays as our first in-house production in the last year and a half for the occasion.”

Submissions for the next Bread & Roses Playwriting Award will open in 2020. Details on the upcoming productions and the award can be found at 



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