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In London’s (Off) West End 2019: You Game by Murphy Ra (Preview)

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LONDON –  Coming to London this November, an immensely successful screenwriter lures his wife’s lover to the house and convinces her to stage a robbery of her jewellery; setting off a chain of events that leaves the audience trying to decipher what is true, and what is fiction for the sake of the game.

That’s the plot of You Game, a brand new adaptation of Anthony Shaffer’s Tony Award winning Sleuth by Murphy Ra Entertainment, taking the male role of Milo Tindle and shifting the character to become Bella Lanson, an actress. The swap will create added challenges to the older character of Jack Guest (previously Andrew Wyke) on new levels of gender and patriarchy, on top of the twisty game play the original script is so famous for.

Shaffer’s original was first staged in the UK in 1970, before transferring to New York later that year, where it ran for 1,222 performances. It won best play at the Tony awards 1971, alongside numerous other accolades. In 1972, Shaffer adapted his play for film, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, starring Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine.

Says Sam Ra of Murphy Ra Entertainment: We loved the wordplay and action of the original and the great history and provenance. Anthony Shaffer was an extraordinary writer and we are grateful to have the opportunity to adapt this play and reboot it for a modern audience while retaining its legendary intrigue and suspense. I think one of the major differences with changing one of the leads to a woman is that Bella is empowered to challenge the misogyny of Jack throughout You Game. It is impossible for a discussion of sex and money between a man and a woman not to be read as political in 2019.”

You Game plays from 26th November to 14th December at the Studio Theatre, RADA. For more information, visit their website here


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