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Category: Centre 42

Review: Hot Pot Talk – Theatre and the Arts

“I had a conversation recently,” says Adib Kosnan. The thirteen member strong audience shifts around to indicate how much they agree with the statement (most do). “I had a good conversation recently,” […]

Review: Deaf by Split Productions

In moulding the future of our nation, have we forgotten that our children are only human too? Using abstract, physical theatre, Split Productions’ latest piece Deaf is a bold attempt to […]

Review: Crossings by young & W!LD

The young & W!LD team is back with Crossings this weekend, a double-bill production that serves up some rather bold juxtapositions. Take for instance the fact that Crossings plays at […]

Preview: Crossings by young & w!ld

Over the last eighteen months, eight young theatre makers trained under the directorship of Rodney Oliveiro and Serena Ho, cumulating in an all new batch of young & w!ld graduates. […]

M1 Fringe Festival 2017: Pretty Butch

Pretty Butch is a title that’s confusing at first – is it saying it’s a show about butches who’re pretty? Or a particularly ravishing short haired, ‘mannish’ woman? And can a […]