Theatre is rife with gay men, and women who love them. And if there’s one person who’s out and proud to be a firm supporter of the rainbow cause, irresistibly drawn to gay boys (and vice versa), Pam Oei without a doubt fits the bill as a gold star faghag.

But exactly when and how did this happen? In the autobiographical Faghag, Pam Oei dives deep into her past and explores her long history with gay men, from attending her first gay wedding in 2001 to coaxing gay boyfriends out of the closet and into the sunlight. Along the way, she’s fought to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code in 2007, and gone on to become Pink Dot’s annual Countdown Queen, and maintains a strong circle of gay friends. Coinciding with Pink Dot 2018 on 21st July, she’s so dedicated to the cause that she’s even fulfilling her usual duties at Hong Lim Park before running back to Lasalle and performing a late night run of Faghag, and of course, expect the entire audience to be dressed in pink and celebrating the freedom to love together!

Directed by Ivan Heng and accompanied by Julian Wong on the piano, Faghag will see Pam tell all in this glitterbomb romp through one woman’s life, with jokes, heartfelt stories and of course, a number of torch songs and cabaret tunes along the way, and prove that Pam is absolutely Singapore’s Number One Faghag.

Faghag plays at the Flexible Performance Space at Lasalle College of the Arts from 19th – 22nd July, Tickets are now Sold Out. 


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