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In London’s (Off) West End 2019: Esmond Road Productions’ The Bacchae at The Bread & Roses Theatre (Preview)


LONDON – There’s something inherently divine and frightening about the tale of Dionysus and his insane Maenads that Euripedes got right in The Bacchae, transcending language, nationality and background. This September, watch as cross-country feminist theatre ensemble Esmond Road Productons presents a new production of The Bacchae at the Bread & Roses Theatre.

Translated by T.A. Buckley and adapted by Maria Makenna, The Bacchae centres on Dionysus, the God of drugs, debauchery and ritual madness who will stop at nothing to prove her divine heritage to the dissenters of Thebes. Set deep in the underground club scene where debauchery rules and idolatry reigns, The Bacchae run the show every night. Can the rule of law compete with the chaos and euphoria of Dionysus?

Directed by New York actor/director Maria Makenna and featuring music composed and directed by Montreal’s own Erica Martin, The Bacchae will also feature actresses Anna Carfora, Erica Martin, Chantelle Micallef Grimaud, Daniella Piper, Merete Wells and Helen Wingrave. With Esmond Road Productions’ focus on shifting the way audience members see gender in a classical setting, expect a colourful, exciting and devastating fringe experience as The Bacchae comes to the Bread & Roses Theatre this September.

The Bacchae runs from 17th to 21st September 2019 at the Bread & Roses Theatre, London. Tickets available here


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